Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Knott's Berry Farm & Ghost Town

1958 and 1962 Full Page Magazine Advertisements.


outsidetheberm said...

Two nice pieces there! The artwork on the top advertisement was created for the Ghost Town Grill menu and was used for many years. Thanks for posting!

itsnotaplace said...

Nice copies of those Knott's Artwork / ads! I love that cover illustration of the ghost-town.

Here is a website I set up about my efforts to restore the old town clock that was at Knott's for the past 50 years...

It was built by my great-grandfather, but is no longer at Knott's berry Farm we are working to restore it and get it back where the public can enjoy it again!

if anyone out there has remembrances of the clock you can go to our site and leave a little note about it..
Leave a memory of the Dreger Clock at Knott's