Monday, December 3, 2007

Las Vegas Postcards - Foxy's Deli, City Center Motel & MGM Grand


Anonymous said...

I think that's the original MGM Grand. The one that had the horrible fire that killed people. That property was sold to Bally's after that, I think. Then MGM bought the old Marina Hotel down the street for their new site.

Viewliner Ltd. said...

You are correct Anonymous, it is the original MGM Grand.

jedblau said...

Fantastic cards.

Nick Zegarac said...

Yes, that's the old MGM Grand. The fire was a travesty as well as a tragedy. The structure itself had received only a 'wooden structure' rating from the Fire Safety Commission months before the blaze. Fire dampers that were supposed to prevent smoke from traveling up the air shafts had been hammered open, air ducts weren't properly stopped and fire alarms and sprinklers were never installed!

Worse, on the morning of the inferno more than several workers reported smoke coming from the deli at least 40 minutes before the fire engulfed the gaming area. Those workers were told to stay at their gaming tables and keep them open.

The fire was so hot it literally melted through steel beams, ripping through the casino gaming area at a rate of 17ft per second.

The flammable tiles, mirrors and other building materials acted like a giant toaster oven, literally cooking guests and employees in the spot where they stood.

The whole thing makes me ill, not the least of which was Kirk Kerkorian's settling all the cases out of court before quietly moving his enterprise down the block.