Monday, January 14, 2008

Juan Pollo's McDonalds and Route 66 Museum - San Bernardino, CA

The McDonalds Museum also is the home of a free Route 66 Museum and the corporate offices of Juan Pollo Restaurants Inc.

The original McDonalds building was demolished in 1971 but several original items still remain. The original parking light poles are still standing. The original office of Dick and Mac McDonald is in the back of the property as well as the room that the brothers perfected the famous french fry proceedures. There are two slabs of the original quarry tile from the original restaurant. The original golden arches (minus the arches) sign is still standing waiting to be fully restored.

The museum contains the most extensive collection of pre-Ray Kroc McDonalds memoribilia such as news article, pictures, and momentos such as menus, straws, cups, a prototype of catsup dispensing gun, a copy of McDonalds menu, etc.

The McDonald brothers came to San Bernardino in 1940 and opened McDonalds Famous Barbeque with car-hop service. In 1948, they reopened as McDonalds hamburgers and the rest is history.

For more information on the museum and the founder of Juan Pollo "Best Tasting Chicken" Restaurants, visit the Juan Pollo Website.

Official Juan Pollo Parade Vehicles.

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