Tuesday, January 8, 2008

WWII Combat Insignia Poster Stamps - Part 1

There was a growing interest on the home front for the work being done by Walt Disney Productions, and others, in creating unit insignia. Hearst Publications offered a series of 250 individual stamps with full color representations of insignia along with five separate mounting albums to the public. The first album was published in February of 1942 by the Los Angeles Examiner and then followed by other Hearst Newspapers.

The albums cost 15 cents each and contained 50 insignia designs. Newspaper readers could clip black and white copies of the insignia from their newspaper and then redeem them for the full color copies by mail. The Hearst stamp promotion was the most widespread use of the insignia designs on the home front.

Despite the fact that the wide spread use of the designs were being used for commercial purposes, Walt Disney Productions freely allowed their use, without royalty, in hopes of promoting home front spirit. Part 2 Tomorrow.

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