Monday, April 5, 2010

Sequoia Kings Canyon

Here are seven pages of a twenty-eight page "Natural Color" booklet, from one of the most incredible places I have ever been to. The booklet was produced in the early 1950's.

PICTURE ON THE COVER is of Giant Forest Visitor's Center on the edge of Round Meadow. Forest Ranger Station and Museum are also here. The Big Tree is known as the Uncle Ned Tree. (Photograph by Hubert A. Lowman)

MORO ROCK ... This huge dome of solid granite rises to a height of 7,200 feet above sea level. From the top (reached by modern, safe stone stairway) a magnificent panorama of the High Sierra may be viewed. (Photograph by Josef Muench)

SENATE GROUP of Sequoias in Congress Grove of Big Trees. This stately group shows how remarkably close together these giants of the forest can sometimes grow. (Photograph by Hubert A. Lowman)

GIANT FOREST VILLAGE, tourist center at Sequoia. Here lodge, cabins, coffee shop, post office and stores are all grouped for your convienience. (Photograph by Hubert A. Lowman)

GENERAL SHERMAN TREE ... is the largest of living things. Over 4,000 years old, its trunk contains 600,000 board feet of lumber, enough to build a small town. Base circumference, 101.6 feet. Height, 272.4 feet. (Photograph by Hubert A. Lowman)

TUNNEL TREE ... This fallen Sequoia is so huge that the road to Crescent Meadow, Giant Forest, was cut right through the prostrate trunk. (Photograph by Josef Muench)


Major Pepperidge said...

I used an updated version of this souvenir book as reference for my 2nd grade report about the redwoods! I still remember "Sequoia sempervirens" and "Sequoia giganteum".

Anonymous said...

We had a copy of this book too, this was one of our favorite family destinations. We could run up for the day from our home in the Valley. Many Sunday afternoons spent at Giant Forest. I hiked out to Moro Rock once, too much vertigo now, too old.

Thanks for the memories. This is still a beautiful place.


Shenandoah bed and breakfast said...

Nice pictures and thanks for sharing. We had several tour of Sequoia and spent a great time. My family and I always stayed at Wuksachi Lodge & Village. We really loved it because it has a very comfortable, clean place to make a home base.

Best Regards,

Heidi Ann said...

What a great souvenir book! I am sure we visited there when I was a kid.