Saturday, November 26, 2011

Greyhound Bus Lines

The Greyhound Bus Lines was founded in Hibbing, Minnesota in 1914 by Carl Wickman, a Swedish born immigrant. In 1926 Wickman's bus operations became known as the Greyhound Lines.

Wickman continued to expand the company and by 1927 his buses were making transcontinental trips from California to New York. Today, it is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and is a subsidiary of the British bus operator FirstGroup plc.

One of Florida Greyhound's most popular Expense-Paid Tours follows the famous Overseas Highway from Miami to Key West - southernmost city in the United States - along 116 scenic miles of bridges and tropic islands. (Postcard Circa 1940's)

Greyhound Bus Terminal, Washington D.C. (Postcard Circa 1940's)

Greyhound Bus Depot, Charleston, West Virginia. (Postcard Circa 1940's)

Greyhound Bus Terminal, Cincinnati, Ohio. (Postcard Circa 1940's)

Cleveland Greyhound Terminal, Cleveland, Ohio. The beautiful new Greyhound Terminal is the largest in the world. Twenty-one loading platforms busy 24 hours a day provide fast bus service to all 48 states, Canada and Mexico. More than 300 people can be seated in the extra-spacious curve-lined lobby. This luxurious bus terminal cost over $1,250,000 to build, serves over 3,000,000 people each year. (Postcard Circa 1940's)

Through Vacation Wonderland by Greyhound Scenicruiser. Thousands of vacation-bound travelers enjoy these luxurious dual-level air-conditioned buses operated by the Greyhound lines between hundreds of cities and vacation areas throughout the United States and Canada. (Postcard Copyright Dexter 1961)


Major Pepperidge said...

I want one of those two-level buses! Just for quick runs to the store, ha ha. Those bus stations are surprisingly nice, although I bet they are not so nice these days.

The Viewliner Limited said...

Just a great bit of Americana Transportation. BTW... Great pin back button collection. Nothing like cool New York Worlds Fair Souvenirs.