Monday, February 13, 2012

Knotts Berry Farm - 1968

Here are some Knotts Berry Farm pictures from a photo album that belonged to my brother. Taken sometime in 1968. ENJOY!

The Calico Mine Train has been in operation for 8 years when this picture was taken with the great #40 Baldwin C-19 (2-8-0) locomotive, known as the "Green River" in the foreground.

The #40 "Green River" locomotive was built in 1881 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Philadelphia. There is no Timber Mountain Log Ride yet. Shortly after this picture was taken, construction will begin and the log ride will open in 1969.

~ Boot Hill - Honest Charlie and Sappho. R.I.P. ~

~ Boot Hill - Family members paying their respects ~

~ Chief of the Knotts Berry Farm indian nation ~

~ A very busy Candy Parlour ~

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