Monday, July 28, 2008

Hotel Last and New Frontier and Village Postcards

The early west in modern splendor. Hotel Last Frontier - Las Vegas, Nevada. (circa 1940's)

The old west in modern splendor. The Hotel Last Frontier in Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the fine hotels of the American Continent. Every facility awaits the guest -- Dining Rooms, Casino, Floor Shows, Riding and Swimming. The Home of the Famous Frontier Village. (circa 1940's)

Last Frontier Village, Las Vegas, Nevada. Here on the grounds of the Hotel New Frontier we find one of the nation's greatest tourist attractions. The museums and historic collections enable one to relive the adventurous past of the Old West. (circa 1950's)

Hotel Last Frontier, Las Vegas, Nevada. The Silver Slipper -- Consistently producing the funniest shows in a town famed for entertainment, the Silver Slipper Stock company unleashes riotous routines four times nightly in the Last Frontier Village. (circa 1950's)

"Out of This World" - New Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. The New Frontier's world famous Venus Room features the greatest stars in show business twice a night, seven nights a week. (circa 1950's)


outsidetheberm said...

Great images - thanks so much.

We came to appreciate the 'Last Frontier' because so many of the slide lots we came across would claim to contain images of Knott's Berry Farm, only to discover they captured the 'Last Frontier' instead! What a neat place.

Viewliner Ltd. said...

I'm glad you like the PC's. This truly was agreat place.