Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kaiser Aluminum - 1950's Concept Car Promo Ads

The Menehue is a Kaiser Aluminum approach to the American small-car concept ... featuring the low initial cost and operating economies of lightweight aluminum. Pan-type frame, air-cooled engine, body and bumpers -- all aluminum!

The Pele is a Kaiser Aluminum design that incorporates today's practical, proved developments in aluminum automotive usage. Trim and transmission, bumpers and body, doors and differential -- all aluminum!

The Waimea is a Kaiser Aluminum design that incorporates the design advantages of aluminum to achieve maximum utility. Front located aluminum engine, tunnel-free aluminum floor, roof and body panels -- all aluminum!

...and to add to the mix, here are a couple of 1960's service station postcards from Richfield and Standard Oil gas stations.


Major Pepperidge said...

Love those Hawaiian names, reflecting the surf and tiki crazes! The cars are just funky enough to be really unique... the first one almost has a bubble dome!

Welcome back, from your "see you later" post I thought you might be gone for perhaps months!

Viewliner Ltd. said...

The trip got a little shortened. But I had fun never the less. Will start the trip again once this heat goes away. Just to damn hot every where. A little note on Kaiser car Hawaiian names: As a real estate magnate, Henry J. Kaiser was the founder of the Honolulu suburban community of Hawaii Kai in Hawaii (where there is a public high school named in his honor). This guy did a lot of stuff.

Cory Gross said...

Those cars are insane!

Part of me thinks the Waimea is the most beautiful vehicle I've ever seen, and the other part of me is wondering if that part is crazy too ^_^

Chris Jepsen said...

Henry Kaiser also had the Kaiser Dome built in Hawaii, an aluminum geodesic dome that took 22 hours to construct and which was a venue for musical performances.

Thanks for posting the Kaiser car images. I had scans of these once, and in fact had built an entire website dedicated to Space Age dream cars. Unfortunately, the drive I was storing everything on died a sudden death and I lost everything. It's nice to see these images again. Maybe I'll resume that project again someday.

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Chris: A drive going bad is a very scary thing. I back up at least 3 times a week. You should resume that project, that would be very cool. Also, I understand that Kaiser founded Panorama City. According to Wikipedia.

Cory: Crazy or not it is all cool! LOL

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Wow, these are great, I’ve never even heard of these! I think I like the Waimea the best, but all the designs are way cool. Great post, thanks! Panarama City? Hey, I used to work at the (now gone) Panarama Bowl - 48 Lanes and once a great house, but by the late 1970's it was a dump!