Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Pennsylvania Railroad in Pictures - Part 3

The Saturday Morning Post continues today with Part 3 of a six part series of John Dziobko Jr. Pennsylvania Railroad photographs.

John Dziobko Jr. was born in Newark, N.J., October 10, 1932. His facination with trains began at age 5 when he would go on train trips to see family in West Islip, Long Island, NY. His father took him to various rail operations in the Newark area in the late '30s, where he acquired a fondness for the Pennsylvania Railroad steam engines, and was where he saw his first diesel locomotive in 1943. He began travelling to photograph trains while still in high school at age 17. Back in those days a railfan could ride the train to various rail locations, since there were many more trains and routes at the time.

John's book "The Pennsy in the 1950's..The Last Great Decade" is available in hardcover from The Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society.

Pennsylvania Railroad Baldwin BP60 at the PRR Altoona station - Altoona, Pennsylvania, September 10, 1951. Locomotive No. PRR 5816. Trailing power on #13, a no name mail train to St. Louis, is BP60 #5816. Ahead, Horseshoe Curve and the climb over the mountain.

Pennsylvania Railroad BLW E3b at the PRR Meadows Engine Terminal - Kearny, New Jersey, May 02, 1953. Locomotive No. PRR 4995. Another incredible flashback to the way it was from John's camera.

Pennsylvania Railroad EMD E8(A) at 18th Street - Chicago, Illinois, June 01, 1959. Locomotive No. PRR 5703. A pair of E units in Chicago, awaiting their next assignment. For more of John's classic PRR color images, see "The Pennsy in the 1950's..The Last Great Decade" available in hardcover from the PRRT&HS.

Pennsylvania Railroad Shops - Altoona, Pennsylvania, Thursday June 11, 1953 was a workday and the Altoona shops were alive with activity.

Pennsylvania Railroad Steam 2-8-0 on the PRR mainline - Altoona, Pennsylvania, June 11, 1953. Locomotive No. PRR 3778. One of the great paradoxes in RR history is that The Standard Railroad of the World had no standard locomotive numbering scheme. Few numbers on the PRR were unique to one locomotive type or class (with a few exceptions later on). Such was the case with Consolodation 2-8-0 3778 as it lumbers by on the main.

Pennsylvania Railroad Steam 2-10-0 at the PRR engine facility - Altoona, Pennsylvania, August 18, 1956. Locomotive No. PRR 4650. 123 of these brutes were built at Altoona, the last one worked until 1957.

Pennsylvania Railroad 4-8-2 Steam train at the PRR Middle Division MP 85.1 - Mt. Union, Pennsylvania, June 24, 1951. Locomotive No. PRR 6903. Pennsy N5 cabin car #477790 brings up the markers on the rear of a westbound empty reefer block. The ever vigilant eyes of the rear brakeman peer out the cabin window in an era prior to automated talking defect detectors & EOT telemetry devices. The PRR was technologically advanced compared to some roads, with AM radiophone communication to the head end. That's the funky antenna on the rooftop.

Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1 at the PRR yard - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, December 30, 1956. Locomotive No. PRR 4769. P5A 4769 poses with a GG1, steam generator working.

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Awesome series, truly fascinating history. I love these old photos, Thanks so much!

Major Pepperidge said...

Yes, this series of photos is really fantastic. I didn't appreciate old locomotives until later in life (after I read Michael Broggie's book, basically), but now I love 'em.