Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vintage "Americana" Tickets

U. S. Senate. Impeachment of the President (Andrew Johnson). Admit the bearer. April 25th, 1868. Gallery. Geo. T. Brown, Sergeant at Arms. Wash., Philip & Solomons. (LOC Image)

Gallery of the U. S. Senate. Inauguration Day, March 4th, 1869. Admit the bearer. Geo. T. Brown, Sergeant-at-Arms. Wash., Philp & Solomons. (LOC Image)

Inauguration ceremonies. Admit an employee of the Library of Congress, to the platform, after the procession from the Senate Chamber .... Committee of arrangement - 1897. (LOC Image)

Democratic National Convention. Guest ticket - Baltimore, Md. 1912. (LOC Image)

Special lecture National geographic society at Convention hall ... Tuesday evening, at 8. An address by Colonel Theodore Roosevelt on "South America." Reserved seat. May 26, 1915. (LOC Image)

Democratic National Convention. Chicago, July 1940 ticket of admission. New York, Quayle & Son Corp. (LOC Image)


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

These are fun; I love old paper tickets and documents! A few of these look like paper currency of the time, pretty fancy stuff! Thanks for the neat post.

outsidetheberm said...

These are all from the Library of Congress? Incredible history. Thank for the view.