Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Pennsylvania Railroad in Pictures - Final Part

The Saturday Morning Post continues today with the final part of a six part series of John Dziobko Jr. Pennsylvania Railroad photographs. I would like thank John for allowing me to post his historic images of the Pennsylavania Railroad so that others can get a glimpse of what PRR railroading was all about in the 1950's. I wish you all the best John and thank you very much, Richard.

John Dziobko Jr. was born in Newark, N.J., October 10, 1932. His facination with trains began at age 5 when he would go on train trips to see family in West Islip, Long Island, NY. His father took him to various rail operations in the Newark area in the late '30s, where he acquired a fondness for the Pennsylvania Railroad steam engines, and was where he saw his first diesel locomotive in 1943. He began travelling to photograph trains while still in high school at age 17. Back in those days a railfan could ride the train to various rail locations, since there were many more trains and routes at the time.

John's book "The Pennsy in the 1950's..The Last Great Decade" is available in hardcover from The Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society.

Pennsylvania Railroad EMD E7(A) at station platform - Williamsport, Pennsylvania, August 18, 1956. Locomotive No. PRR 5878. This could be the Washington / Philly Express, a day train from Buffalo, slowing for its stop.

Pennsylvania Railroad EMD E7(A) at the PRR engine facility - Renovo, Pennsylvania, August 18, 1956. Locomotive No. PRR 5865, Washington Express. PRR #5865 and leader #5878 are refueled at Renovo. There were no fuel tanks, only a coaling tower, so a contractor was called in to refuel the Buffalo - Harrisburg trains.

Pennsylvania Railroad Gas-Electric OEG350 at the PRR Toms River depot - Toms River, New Jersey, April, 1951. Locomotive No. PRR 4658. One of PRR's alternative routes from Philly to NYC was via Toms River on the "Back Road". By the time this picture was taken, the service terminated at Toms River and was cut further back a year later. By 1969 it was all gone as far as Camden. Gas-Electric #4658, was built by Pullman-Brill in April 1929 and scrapped in 1963. That's the RPO behind it.

Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1 at the Lehigh Valley connection at Meeker Avenue - Newark, New Jersey, January, 1951. Locomotive No. PRR 4919. Waiting for LV passenger train for forwarding to NYC. Lets all raise our pantographs and toast the New Year.

Pennsylvania Railroad Union Transportation New Egypt yard - New Egypt, New Jersey, November 04, 1952. Caboose No. PRR 476042. Pennsy supplied the equipment to Union Transportation Company and their Pemberton and Hightstown Railroad, this cabin replaced a combine in 1938.

Pennsylvania Railroad P5A at the PRR Meadows Engine Terminal - Kearny, New Jersey, May 02, 1953. Locomotive No. PRR 4730. Boxcab 4730 poses for John's camera. Boxcabs were built to haul passenger trains but ended up being relegated to freight service.

Pennsylvania Railroad Steam 4-4-0 street-running in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, December 12, 1966. Locomotive No. PRR 1223. Long before placement in the bunker at Strasburg, the PRR 1223 steps down the street with the Santa Claus Special.

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Many thanks go out to Ray Peacock for his assistance in making these posts possible. Please visit Ray's site at and John's website in process at


Major Pepperidge said...

Oh man! Just that final photo alone is super amazing! It looks like some sort of movie scene, too good to be true! The color, the clarity. John Dziobko Jr., you da man!

Anonymous said...

FYI-John recently visted the Toms River, N.J. area and reports the depot seen in the photo has been moved nearby and is used as a residence today. The depot area in the photo is now a highway.

Ray P.
Madison, Wi.

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