Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Pennsylvania Railroad in Pictures - Part 5

The Saturday Morning Post continues today with Part 5 of a six part series of John Dziobko Jr. Pennsylvania Railroad photographs.

John Dziobko Jr. was born in Newark, N.J., October 10, 1932. His facination with trains began at age 5 when he would go on train trips to see family in West Islip, Long Island, NY. His father took him to various rail operations in the Newark area in the late '30s, where he acquired a fondness for the Pennsylvania Railroad steam engines, and was where he saw his first diesel locomotive in 1943. He began travelling to photograph trains while still in high school at age 17. Back in those days a railfan could ride the train to various rail locations, since there were many more trains and routes at the time.

John's book "The Pennsy in the 1950's...The Last Great Decade" is available in hardcover from The Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society.

Pennsylvania Railroad BLH-Westinghouse E3b at the PRR Elizabeth station - Elizabeth, New Jersey, February 14, 1953. Pennsy freight moves under the wires at Elizabeth.

Pennsylvania Railroad EMD F7(A) at the PRR engine facility - Renovo, Pennsylvania, August 18, 1956. Locomotive No. PRR 9651. A mix of steam and diesel can be found at Renovo in this 1956 scene. Founded during the Civil War when the tracks were put down, Renovo's population neared 4,000 in 1920 after the railroad came to town and set up shops. In 2000, it was somewhere around 1,000, the shops and jobs gone. A Susquehanna river town subject to perennial flooding that owed its existence to the RR and the jobs it once provided is slowly fading away, but on this day, there are juicy photo subjects with every turn.

Pennsylvania Railroad BLW E3b at the PRR Meadows Yard - Kearny, New Jersey, May 02, 1953. Locomotive No. PRR 4995. Saturday at Meadows Engine Terminal in May of '53.

Pennsylvania Railroad FM Erie A at the PRR Middle Division - Mifflin, Pennsylvania, June 24, 1951. Locomotive No. PRR 9458. Looking out the back of a passing train, we see the PRR Erie-built 9458 on a freight. These were too big to build in Beloit, so FM contracted the work out to Erie after hiring famed industrial designer Raymond Loewy to create the look. Unfortunately their beauty hid their mechanical issues. None exist today. #9458 service date: Nov 1947 to Sep 1962.

Pennsylvania Railroad Steam 2-10-0 at the PRR water plug - Altoona, Pennsylvania, June 11, 1953. Locomotive No. PRR 6314. Even a brute like this needs a sip of water every now and then.

Pennsylvania Railroad Steam 4-6-0 at the PRR Trenton engine facility - Trenton, New Jersey, May 09, 1953. Locomotive No. PRR 1813. Not sure if this engine was retired at the time, but it appears to be cold.

Pennsylvania Railroad Steam 2-8-2 at PRR yard - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, December 30, 1956. Locomotive No. PRR 1596. There was still steam working Harrisburg at the end of 1956, and it didn't take long for John to zero in on it.

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Many thanks go out to Ray Peacock for his assistance in making these posts possible. Please visit Ray's site at and John's website in process at

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