Monday, September 15, 2008

Postcards - Entertainment & Amusements

1954 Cadillac El Dorado at the Sands Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Nevada Club, Las Vegas Nevada. Continuous Entertainment. Vido Musso, Sophie Parker & De Paulis Quartet, Jig Adams "Mr. Dixieland", The Sparklers, The Mildtones and Leo Wolf & Joe Wolverton. (circa 1950's)

Wildwood By The Sea, New Jersey. Monorail and Sky Ride. (circa 1960's)

1964 New York World's Fair - AMF Monorail and Station.

1964 New York World's Fair - "Continental Circus, John Ringling North presents the Continental Circus Follies. First time in America, and the Circus Museum in a 50,000 sq. ft. building seating 5,000 persons".


walterworld said...

Great stuff---Love the postcards!

Keith said...

These make me really wish I had a time machine.