Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Postcards - Trailers For Sale or Rent

1950's - 301 Trailrer Park & Grille, U.S. 301, 5 Miles North of Statesboro, Georgia.

1957 - Hawthorne Pop-Up Camper Trailer.

Don was sealed inside this car on October 24, 1958 at Sheridan Wyoming. Don has appeared with Art Linkletter as a guest on his "People are Funny" program. Don is remaining in the car for 60 months. Do you think he can do it?

(Editor: OK let's stop here for a moment. Who is this guy and why is he doing this. He is going to remain in this car for 5 years? I don't think so. Here is the rest of the info on the back of the card.)

The car has the following equipment for Don's long journey: A full size bed, a chemical "little boy's room", (no little girl's room), TV, Radio, Hi-Fi, Record Player, Folding bath tub, Air conditioning by Frigiking, gold drapes all around at night, Public Address System, 110 Volt electric system, Hot and Cold running water, a pent House to stand up in, Electric Heat, Electric Blanket, Fire Extinguishers, Wall to Wall Carpets, Portable typewriter, Coffee Maker, Electric Razor and Motion Picture Cameras.

The sealed car is valued at $13,000.41 with all its equipment, the weight of the car is 8,540 lbs. For Don's riding comfort he choose a 1958 MERCURY STATION WAGON. It is equipped with MONROE Shock Absorbers.

(Editor: Not done yet!) There is a standing offer by DON to anyone who can take him out of his SEALED car WITHOUT CUTTING, BREAKING, BENDING, OR CAUSING GLASS TO BE BROKEN, of $5,000.00, a new 55' x 10' ELEGANCE BY ROYCRAFT, also the world's newest Boat, a JET 43 TURBOCRAFT by BUEHLER, plus a new COLONY PARK STATION WAGON by MERCURY, plus the world's newest travel trailer by AVALAIR. Here DON tows his AVALAIR with a ROBOT COUPLER (hitch), the world's finest and safest hitch. The money from the sale of these cards goes to a very worthy cause -- (My Retirement). (Editor: OK that's it ?????)

1960's - Silver-top Bridge Braced Aluminum Awnings advertising postcard.

1968 - High Style by Henslee. 60 foot mobile homes with all the luxury of the finest houses.

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