Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Beehive State

More pictures found in the photo album. Taken on a 1974 trip to Utah.

Downtown Manti, Utah. Looks like the 1950's, and take away most of the cars, the 1940's.

Salina, Utah. The Pamela Theater. Showing Walt Disney's Herbie Rides Again. Starring Helen Hayes, Stefanie Powers, Ken Berry and Keenan Wynn.

Thomas Grocery and Phillips 66 service station. If memory serves, the store was just outside Manti, Utah.


The Blue Parrot said...

You know, I've been to Manti, Utah... It was the home of Big Daddy Ed Roth.

Even though it was a quick trip, it was a hoot!

Viewliner Ltd. said...

See!!! Again something learned today. Thanks Blue.

P.S. Hey Blue, I try to comment on your website, but it won't let me post any comments at all. So I will say it here, great DL railroad post.

You have got to read this folks here is the link:

Major Pepperidge said...

I love that mural on the side of the Furniture & Hardware store!

The Blue Parrot said...

Thanks for the mention. I've fixed the comments yet again. Should be back to working now...

Anonymous said...

The Tomas Grocery is in Sterling, Utah (as you thought, just outside of Manti). It closed a few years back when the owner, Lillie Thomas passed away (5/14/08). Here's a picture from a few years back.

BTW, love the vintage shots of Utah. I run a group on Fliker called Vintage Utah and would love if you'd post your pictures there. You can joint Flickr for free.