Saturday, October 18, 2008

Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives

The Diner Puts on Airs, a 1954 magazine article by Blake Ehrlich, picturing Hugo's miniature diner somewhere in Los Angeles - Converted railroad car diner and the Palace diner in Fort Pierce, Florida - Santa Fe locomotive type diner in San Diego.

The Original (and patent applied for) Zep Diner sometime during the 1920's I presume. Don't have a location for this one, although the area in this picture for some reason reminds me of early Culver City, CA pictures I have seen ???

The Fish Tale Diner in Salisbury Massachussetts. This has got to be a good place for fried clams and New England clam chowder... I hope! (Photo Credit: Elizabeth Thomsen's photostream on Flickr)

The American City Diner on Connecticut Avenue in Washington D.C. Movie classics? Anyone know about this place?

And last but not least Mickey's Diner in Saint Paul, Minnesota. What a great looking place. (Ray P., have you ever been there?)


Anonymous said...

Actually, no. It did catch my eye though. At first I thought it was the famed ex-Rock Island diner that was/is situated in the financial district of the loop in Chicago. Anyone know what I'm referring to?


Barry said...

Mickey's in Saint Paul, MN is very close to the Hockey arena, The Science Museum of Minnesota and the Minnesota History Museum and it is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. I never miss a chance to go there.

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Thanks for the info Ray and Barry. I appreciate the comments, Richard.

Anonymous said...

I can identify one of the diners as The American City Diner in the NW section of Washington, D.C. Here are a couple of links worth looking at:

~steve w.

roman said...

the zep diner was located at 525 west florence in los angeles, near the intersection of figueroa. built in 1930 it is now a parking lot for a mcdonalds