Sunday, November 16, 2008

Us Desert Folks

Burros, both wild and tame, are desert residents well adjusted to a land of little rain, lots of heat and meagre nibblings. The burro were originally brought to the desert by prospectors and played a major role in the taming of the West. (PC circa 1950's)

You dream of the Gold in them thar Hills, All You need is a Jackass and Luck, So You hit the Trail, the old Cactus Trail, And what do You Get ??? Stuck! (PC circa 1940's)

The cunning little Prairie Dogs that sit up to greet the traveler as he passes along the highways are natives of the Southwest. (PC circa 1940's)

Little "Pets" of West Texas - Equal to Maine, New York and Pennsylvania in area, the 1890 population at the 95 counties of West Texas multiplied ten times to 981,351 by 1930 and 1,019,525 by 1940 - America's last frontier and land of the modern pioneer! (PC circa 1943)

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Major Pepperidge said...

There is something appealing about the desert, from the vast quiet peaceful areas to the funky small towns that you might encounter. This makes me want to take a drive!