Sunday, December 14, 2008

12 Days of Christmas - Day 1: Christmas Seals

1936 note card from the Orange County Tuberculosis & Health Association, Ltd., Santa Ana, California.

1960's Christmas Seals.

1970's Christmas Seals.

1980's Christmas Seals.

Cal Farley's Boys Ranch in Amarillo, Texas - "It's Where You're Going That Counts"


Major Pepperidge said...

I'll have to send you some scans of some old Christmas labels that I found in my grandmother's stuff after she passed away, they are very old fashioned and charming.

TokyoMagic! said...

Thank you for posting the Christmas seals! They bring back memories....I remember my grandmother using these on Christmas card envelopes. I especially remember the 12 days of Christmas seals....and somewhere around here, I have 2 or 3 loose ones that she gave me back when they were new.

walterworld said...

Looks like Cal Farley's Boys Ranch is still going strong all these years later:

Those 70's Christmas Seals certainly bring back the days of my childhood, and many pleasant Christmas memories besides.


Heidi Ann said...

They were so pretty, weren't they? I found a bunch of the unused vintage Christmas Seals that had been left over from my mother-in-law's Christmas cards list, stash, etc. I wish I had thought to scan them! Not sure how many I have left, but for a few years , what I did was made a point of sending them affixed to the envelopes of Christmas cards to special friends and family - they got seals from the year they were born on their envelope. I thought it was cool! And I used vintage Christmas postage stamps in various numerical denominations to make up the first class postage. My cards were unique, for sure.