Saturday, December 13, 2008

All The Golden Hits

Great and wonderful music for your listening pleasure. All brought to you by Annie D. at s' Marvelous Distro. GO LISTEN !!! Thanks for all the hard work Annie, it is appreciated.

Patti Page "Golden Hits" Album, Mercury Records - Patti Page Discography on Wikipedia.

The Jonah Jones Quartet "a touch of blue" Album, Capitol Records - Jonah Jones on Wikipedia.

"Lets Bacardi Party" Album, Capitol Records. With Keely Smith, Jack Jones, Four Freshman, Ray Anthony, Harry James, Jonah Jones, Woody Herman, George Shearing, Laurindo Almeida, Al Martino and Stan Kenton.

MMMM...The Mills Brothers! Album, Dot Records - The Mills Brothers on Wikipedia.

Ray Coniff and his Orchestra "'s Awful Nice" Album, Columbia Records - Ray Coniff on Wikipedia.


Gunnar and Sherry said...

These are great!

Annie D. said...

Thanks Richard! Have a great holiday!

Heidi Ann said...

Christmas preparations have kept me so busy that I was very behind on my blog reading. All of these posts have inspired me to comment as I catch up - I love your blog! Vintage LP's are SO fabulous. You show such marvelous examples. I find myself buying them more and more of them at thrift shops lately. I've used Christmas ones in my decorating - propped them up behind stuff on bookcases, tables, cupboards. They won't fit on my scanner, or I'd have done a post about them myself! Thank you for your great posts!