Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Burton Frasher

Burton Frasher was born in Colorado in 1888 and in the early 1900's he had a photo studio in Wapato, Washington later moving to Lordsburg, California and still later settling in Pomona, Los Angeles County, California.

He was active in California, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico from the mid-teens into the early 1950's. His real photo postcards will often have his imprint on the front of the cards, reading Frashers. Inc., Pomona, California.

1931 Barstow, California.

1938 Barstow, California.

1943 Barstow, California.

1940 C & A Chevron, West Broadway St, Needles, California.

1940 Front Street and E Street Needles, California.

1940's Fremont Street (Looking East), Las Vegas, Nevada.

1943 Fremont Street (Looking West), Las Vegas, Nevada.

LINK: Postcards courtesy of Jason at Wishbook's photostream on Flickr


Major Pepperidge said...

I love vintage shots of various "main streets", with all of the signage, storefronts and old cars.

walterworld said...

Went on Google street view and visited each of those postcard locations...

I'm happy to report that there was at least one or two buildings from the old pics still holding on.

Please post more postcards!