Friday, January 23, 2009

Playing Cards on the SPRR

1948 Southern Pacific Railroad "Daylight" Train
Deck of Playing Cards.

One of the joker cards advertises "The Salad Bowl"
featured on the Southern Pacific Dining Cars.
"Made of the choicest vegetables. All you want.
You help yourself. Fresh. Crisp. Delicious".

Contract Bridge Score card dated October 1, 1948.

Every card in this deck of playing cards has a different picture on them depicting some of the trains of the Southern Pacifc Railroad and many of the views you would see while traveling on the SP RR.

The Southern Pacific #4449 was the last engine manufactured in Southern Pacific's first order of GS-4 locomotives. 4449 was placed into service on May 30, 1941, and spent its early career assigned to the Coast Daylight, SP's premier passenger train between San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, but it also pulled many other of the SP's named passenger trains.


Ray Peacock said...

To add, the SP 4449 also served in red-white-blue as the American Freedom train locomotive in 1975. You can see it dressed up in a photo by my friend Gerald Van Alstyne:

Hopefully soon, more of Gerry's great Americana railphotos will be featured here..

Keith said...

Those are some really cool cards. I've never seen those before. Thanks for posting them. Have a good weekend. Cheers!

Major Pepperidge said...

These are so great. From the days when no detail was too small... they could have just had a generic card face, but actually went to the trouble of making a unique and relevant product!

Dave said...

I've always been a big fan of the SP Daylight. My mother-in-law had a huge collection of old View-Master reels from the 1940's. (I used to collect them avidly myself, and still have quite a few scenics from that era) and one reel that really stands out in my mind was called "California Wild Flowers". One of the scenes showed a beautiful hillside with the Daylight cruising by in the background. It was an amazing sight, that beautiful train in its prime, in 3-D.

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Ray, looking forward to more of Gerry's pics.

Keith, appreciate the comments.

Major, it was always about promoting to the max in those days.

Dave, I know which reels you are talking about the are fantastic. You should post some.

Mike said...
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Mike said...


I have recently bought a pack that seems identical to these except the date on the international contract bridge score card is April 1 1943. Would anyone know if this date would be when the cards were made?

Many thanks,


roger said...

my set is april 1 1041 the pictures are different on some of the one your are. thanks for showing them

RNJen2011 said...

I actually found a deck of these cards at a garage sale that I passed by during my morning walk. It is a complete set with joker, salad bowl ad, game instructions, and booklet. Excellent condition for the age. I bought it for 25cents. Who knew that it would lead be down this road! I've talked about it to my dad (the year of his birth), my mom, aunt, the kids were excited about the find. And to me it was just a cool set of old cards :-)