Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Advertising Postcards

For our new generation of Westerners the California Brewing Company of San Francisco brews California Gold Label Beer. Its light, appealing taste truly captures the authentic "Flavor of the West." (circa 1960's)

Visitors are welcome at Whitaker Park, the largest cigarette factory in the world. The R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company invites you to Winston-Salem, N.C., where you can enjoy free and personalized tours. (circa 1960's)

Pauker's Official Roy Rogers Sweaters - Made To Take Abuse, 100% Pure Wool - Slipovers #3.98, Coat Sweaters $4.98 - Nationally advertised in Life, Parents and Good Housekeeping magazines. (circa late 1950's)

Deninger's 932 Broad St., 33 Court St., Bridgeport, Connecticut - At your service in the same spot for 25 years - Phone 3-0151 for Thibaut Wallpapers, Hilo Products, Dutch Boy Paints and Venetian Blinds. (circa 1952)

Smokey Bear says: Outdoor recreation is one of the many resources that are destroyed by forest fires. Please, won't you be extra careful! - Iowa Conservation Commission. (circa 1966)


Major Pepperidge said...

I would be wearing a Roy Rogers sweater right now if I owned one!

Ray Peacock said...

Wow, the cigarette factory tour..wonder when THAT ended..?? Nowadays RJR and others would be a stealth industry..right? Or am I wrong? I've never been to Winston-Salem, N.C., but here in Wisconsin it seems strange (and they DO grow tobacco nearby).

Also, does anyone else think it slightly strange that IOWA Conservation Commission would put their name on advertising apparent MOUNTAIN & FOREST scenery..I mean, come on, just how much of THAT exists in Iowa? Govt. (taxpayer) $$ at work..like the stimulus $$ right??

Nice, thought-provoking post Richard.

Keith said...

I love all of these. I really love the ads of the past. I can definitely remember seeing plenty of Smokey ones when I was growing up.

Skrip said...

Great Roy Rogers pic! I want a sweater just like that.

walterworld said...

Went on Google and it looks like that cool fountain is still in front of the Whitaker plant.

Liked the Smokey PC as well.