Sunday, February 8, 2009

Heartland Rails: Boxcars & Cabooses

The post from Viewliner Limited contributor Ray Peacock will be a regular feature on Sunday's and will showcase Ray's great railroad photography. (To visit Heartland Rails just click on the banner.)

  • The boxcar, while not the simplest freight car design, is probably the most versatile, since it can carry most loads. Boxcars have side doors of varying size and operation, and some include end doors and adjustable bulkheads to load very large items. The advent of containers has contributed greatly to the decline of the use of boxcars.

    St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad, at MTM Jackson St. Roundhouse, Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 02, 2004 ~ NRHS convention outing to MTM. This 40' Frisco boxcar set, looking like the era when RR's used their freight rolling stock to advertise.

    Wisconsin & Southern boxcar at WSOR Horicon yard, Horicon, Wisconsin, October 12, 2008 ~ The latest WSOR Model Railroader 75th Anniversary commemorative boxcar sits outside the paintbooth at Horicon.

    Wisconsin & Southern saftety boxcar at WSOR yard, Janesville, Wisconsin, January 25, 2007.

  • The caboose provided the train crew with a shelter at the rear of the train. They could exit the train for switching or to protect the rear of the train when stopped. They also inspected the train for problems such as shifting loads, broken or dragging equipment, and hot boxes. The conductor kept records and handled business from a table or desk in the caboose.

    Baltimore & Ohio caboose at WSOR Johnson St. yards, Madison, Wisconsin, May, 2003 ~ Caboose privately owned by Mr. Victor Hunter, staged for trip to Prairie Du Chein over Memorial Day weekend. Caboose is named after owner's father, ex-B&O employee.

    Circus World train headed to the parade in Milwaukee with a trainload of antique circus wagons (on antique flats), is protected by a CW caboose. Madison, Wisconsin, July 2000.

    Chicago & Illinois Midland caboose at CIM Springfield shops, Springfield, Illinois, September 20, 1987.