Sunday, February 22, 2009

Heartland Rails: Electro Motive F7 Diesel

The post from Viewliner Limited contributor Ray Peacock will be a regular feature on Sunday's and will showcase Ray's great railroad photography. (To visit Heartland Rails just click on the banner.)

  • The EMD F7 was a 1,500 horsepower diesel electric locomotive produced between February 1949 and December 1953 by the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors (EMD) and General Motors Diesel (GMD).

  • Final assembly was at GM-EMD's La Grange, Illinois plant or GMD's London, Ontario facility. Although originally promoted as a freight-hauling unit by EMD, the F7 was also used in passenger service hauling such trains as the Santa Fe's El Capitan.

  • A total of 2,366 cab-equipped lead A-units and 1,483 cabless booster or B-units were built. The F7 was the fourth model in GM-EMD's successful line of F-unit locomotives, and by far the highest-selling cab unit of all time.

    Ohio Central Railroad - McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, August, 2002 - A couple of rarities at the Ohio Central facility in McKee's Rocks. Kind of stumbled upon this RR environment on a railfan trip to Pittsburgh.

    Wisconsin & Southern Railroad - Madison, Wisconsin, February 02, 2000 - WSOR's covered wagon fleet included this F unit, since sold. Here it sits in the late afternoon chill of a February day waiting for the call to work.

    Canadian Pacific Railway - Town of Fountain Prairie, Wisconsin, May 05, 2003 - Returning west to Calgary from the Kentucky Derby, CP's RCP nears CTC Dodge West and single track.

    Chicago & North Western Railroad - Evanston, Illinois, April, 1987 - he CNW executive train heads towards Wisconsin in the first light of the day. Could the slicing and dicing of the Wis. Div. be on the agenda???

    Wisconsin & Southern Railroad - Madison, Wisconsin, March 07, 2000 - Even though they still maintain an assortment of passenger equipment and a couple vintage E's, all of the equipment seen here has been disposed of by the WSOR.

    Major Pepperidge said...

    Wow, thank goodness for these photos... what a great record of the rapidly disappearing remnants of these beautiful locomotives!!

    Ray Peacock said...

    Hey all,
    Sorry for the railfan terms in the captions-
    for those unfamiliar, the F7 was given the nickname "covered wagon" by railfans and trainmen, and the carbody fell out of favor with the railroads in the 60s because of the difficulty of an engineer being able to see his man on the ground in slow-speed, switching (freight) applications.

    The "covered wagons" had been built to haul fast postwar streamliners, and once those duties were no more with elimination of passenger trains they rapidly fell out of favor. Of course, rail FANS love the classic F7 carbody, it's kinda akin to loving a '55 Chevy!

    Keith said...

    These pictures are fantastic. These are some really amazing shots. It really does show a slice of America that is disappearing.