Sunday, September 26, 2010

California Zephyr

The country's most famous train, the California Zephyr is westbound in Altamont Pass east of Livermore, California an hour east of Oakland, its destination, April 22, 1950. The CZ, train No. 17, provides luxury travel from Chicago to California with sleepers, dome cars, full diners and coaches.

The new diesel powered, stainless steel California Zephyr between Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake City and San Francisco features the unique Vista-Dome cars.

The diesel powered, stainless steel California Zephyr. This train operates via Burlington, Rio Grande and Western Pacific Railroads through the Colorado Rockies and Feather River Canyon ... the Scenic Way Across America.


Major Pepperidge said...

Were the Vista Domes an area that anybody could go to to enjoy the scenery for a while, or where they special seats that cost more?

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Yes Major. Because the trains like the California Zephyr were 1st Class trains (so to speak).

As long as there was room to sit... you could sit in the Vista Dome or Domeliner cars.

By the way, a very awesome experience. America under glass.

Davelandweb said...

The Zephyr...what a way to travel.

JG said...

I got to sit in the VistaDome once.

I remember seeing those trains blasting down the valley on the run from Fresno to Bakersfield, with a Red & Yellow Superchief engine. Spotting the "Dome Car" became a game.

Just came back from a conference where the California High-Speed Rail made a presentation on project progress. This is a very exciting project which might interest you. Worth looking at the website just for the videos.

I can't wait, San Francisco to Anaheim in 1:59:00.

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