Saturday, March 7, 2009

Florida Vacation Slides

Burdine's Sunshine Fashions in St. Petersburg - 1950's.

The Cotton Patch Restaurant somewhere in Florida - 1950's.

Cypress Gardens - May, 1961.

Terrace Acre Mobile Haven, Florida - 1950's.

Key West Motor Inn - April, 1958.

Coconuts at St. Petersburg - 1950's.

LINK: All photos are from the 20th Century Nostalgia collection of vieilles_annonces on Flickr. (Used with permission)


Major Pepperidge said...

I love these pictures of roadside diners, motels, and shopping centers. All in glorious Kodachrome, and from the 50's. What could be better!

Dave said...

Nice slides all, but a shopping center - now that's my idea of a vacation slide!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Nice post, fun & warm photos! Dave, I love that shopping center too, thought of you right away! Looks like a yellow '56 Buick on the right in the "EAT" photo! Thanks Richard!

Keith said...

I love all these pics. It really makes me wish I could go back then. They look so cool. Cheers!

Dave said...

The coconut stand and Cypress Gardens shots are prime examples of the pre-Disney Florida tourism era.

Skrip said...

I think the coconut lady is my neighbor now! LOL

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