Sunday, March 22, 2009

Heartland Rails: Southern Pacific RR

The post from Viewliner Ltd contributor Ray Peacock will be a regular feature on Sunday's and will showcase Ray's great railroad photography. (To visit Heartland Rails just click on the banner.)


Southern Pacific Railroad EMD FP7 - Mount Shasta, California, July 03, 2005 - SP 6304 on the McCloud Railway interchange tracks at Mt. Shasta.

Southern Pacific Railroad Steam 4-8-4 - MP 80 Fallbridge sub, Bingen, Washington, July 05, 2005 - Western Star steam special led by SP 4449 rounds the curve and enters a cut after leaving Wishram. The entire train is in view.

Southern Pacific Railroad EMD GP60 - SP/TP&W crossing, Chenoa, Illinois, March 14, 1993 - The SP finally reaches Chicago with it's aquisition of the ex-GM&O line, here a southbound rattles over the TP&W next to the derelict depot.

Southern Pacific Railroad EMD GP60 - Joliet Union Station, Joliet, Illinois, May, 1991 - Our goal was to shoot a few pics of new warbonnets passing the soon to be removed semaphores, but we got this SP train off the GM&O instead. Notice the blades have already been removed from the signal bridge in the distance.

Southern Pacific Railroad GE C44-9W -Burlington Northern Galesburg yard, Galesburg, Illinois, December 19, 1994 - The Chicago Roper manifest is on the Quincy main and headed out of the yard at CP Saluda.


The Blue Parrot said...

The SP FP7 6304 isn't.

It's actually a former Canadian National FP-9. It has worn several pain schemes for various events. It also was in the Western Pacific's orange and silver.

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Thanks again for the additional info Blue. Very much appreciated.

BTW: I look at your website all the time, great stuff. But I still can't leave any comments.