Thursday, March 26, 2009

Las Vegas 1954 Slides

These slides were all taken by The Beard Family. Although these slides are not in the greatest condition, still great Americana. Click on the link below and see many more very cool slides and read about the Beard family.

El Rancho Vegas Hotel.

Wilbur Clark's Desert Inn.

Boulder Club on Fremont St.

Hotel Apache & Horseshoe Club.

On Fremont St - Nice '53 Chevy.

Golden Nugget Casino - Fremont Street.

LINK: All photos are from the Beard Family collection of vieilles_annonces on Flickr. (Used with permission)


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

These are great, they really capture the mood. Love that '53 Chevy and I want his shirt, that is just too cool.

WOW that's one heck of a flicker collection they have. EVERYONE, you should check out the link (and bookmark it) Thanks Richard!

Gunnar and Sherry said...

These are great! I was just in Las Vegas last fall and Old Vegas is so much better than New Vegas. The color on these is gorgeous too. Thanks for sharing!

Major Pepperidge said...

These are wonderful photos! Judging by the intense colors, these were taken shortly after one of the atom bomb tests in nearby Nevada!

Viewliner Ltd. said...


I will run more pics in the next couple of days. But by all means go check out this Flickr collection.

Thanks for the comments guys.

Ray Peacock said...

Remember when a person HAD to go to Neveda to gamble, unlike today where there are casinos around every corner?..and how much it made Nevade unique? Its visible in these scenes.