Friday, March 20, 2009

Randsburg, CA - Part 3 of 4: Goin' Uptown

I recently took a trip to Randsburg, a town known as "A Living Ghost Town". I had driven through there about two years ago and vowed to go back as soon as possible to take as many pictures as I could. I took about 150 pictures, here are some of them. ENJOY!

Randsburg is located in Kern County, California. It is on the west side of U.S. Route 395 between Kramer Junction to the south and Ridgecrest to the north.

Charlie's Ore House - Prospecting Supplies and Antiques.

N.B. Willcox - Vulcanizing and Retreading.

Chili-Pea-Ola Co. - Rand Barber Shop.

The Joint - A side view.

The Joint - A front view.

The Hole In The Wall Mercantile.

Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and Food To Go.

The Randsburg General Store & Restaurant.

Butte Street Mercantile.

Randsburg's old Post Office building.

The Icehouse Antiques.

I wonder how many years this car has been parked there?

Tomorrow PART 4: Leaving Randsburg - If anyone has more information on any of these pictures, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will use it to update this post.


Major Pepperidge said...

I always thought that a "ghost town" was abandoned? Looks like a very cool place though, I hope you went in to see what was in the antiques store!

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Major, almost every business was closed. But I plan on going back in a couple of months when it is a 110 degrees out there. Most of the places will be open then. I will bring lots of water drink.

Anonymous said...

I have'nt been to Randsburg since the 1966. The pictures look great, back in 1966 about the only place open was the general store which serve the few people still mining in the area. The place never looked as well kept as the pictures show now. Long live Randsburg.

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Thanks for your comments Anonymous. This place is so cool. I love it. (Not in the summer though, LOL)