Monday, March 23, 2009

Red Rock Canyon

After my trip to Randsburg we stopped at Red Rock Cannyon State Park and took some pictures. This is a place of emense beauty. ENJOY!

Red Rock Canyon is an approximately 27,000 acres unit within the Mojave Sector of the Tehachapi District of the California State Park System, located along State Highway 14 in Kern County, about 80 miles east of Bakersfield and 25 miles north of Mojave.

The area was once home to the Kawaiisu Indians. Some petroglyphs and pictographs are found in the El Paso mountains and represent the ritual sites from these people and their ancestors.

The colorful rock formations in the park served as landmarks during the early 1870s for 20-mule team freight wagons that stopped for water. The park protects significant paleontology sites and the remains of 1890s-era mining operations.

Red Rock Canyon provides magnificent views of the pristine desert landscape, includes two natural preserves, and offers, among other recreation activities, camping, sightseeing, equestrian activities, hiking, and opportunities for reflection and solitude.

Due to its unique features and proximity to Los Angeles, Red Rock Canyon has frequently been used as a filming location for motion pictures, television series, advertisements, and rock videos. Such diverse movies as Jurassic Park, Missile to the Moon, The Car, Westworld as well as many westerns such as The Outlaw were filmed here.

LINK: California State Parks - Red Rock Canyon


Major Pepperidge said...

I used to go to Red Rock Canyon with my family when I was a kid, and have many fond memories of it! I think I've read that there are some cool sea fossil beds in that area, I want to go out there and get me some trilobites!

Viewliner Ltd. said...

The place is awesome Major. I venture to guess the place hasn't changed much since you last visited. :-)