Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Transportation Routes

International Steamship Company 1888 - Nova Scotia excursion route - Rand Avery Supply Co., Printers, Boston.

Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific Railway Company 1885 - Queen & Crescent Route - The A.H. Pugh Printing Co.

South West Railway System 1886 - Iron Mountain Route - Rand, McNally & Co., Map Publishers, Chicago.

Peoples Line New Jersey Steamboat Co. 1885 - Between Albany and New York - Rand Avery Supply Co., Boston.

Northern Steamship Company 1909 - East and West via the Great Lakes - Poole Bros. Publishers.

LINK: From the collection of David Rumsey.


Keith said...

These are really interesting to see. I wonder where in the country was the best place to take a train.

PIGNOUF said...

A very interesting series. Thank you give us these documents! ...:)

Skrip said...

These are not only interesting, they are beautiful!