Tuesday, April 28, 2009

LA Rapid Transit - Pacific Electric

The Pacific Electric Railway was established by railroad and real estate tycoon Henry Huntington in 1901. In 1911, the Pacific Electric became the largest operator of interurban electric railway passenger service in the world. The system ran to destinations all over Southern California.

Major 1920's PE business was "taking the Red Car" for inland folks, such as in the Pasadena area, to the beaches at Santa Monica, Del Rey, Manhattan, Redondo, Hermosa Beach, Long Beach and to Newport Beach and Huntington Beach.

Pacific Electric Red Car #103 travels along Echo Park Avenue. Circa 1940's.

Pacific Electric Red Car #975 on the Santa Monica Air Line, now the Exposition Line. Circa 1940's.

Pacific Electric Rail Car #993 on the Santa Monica Air Line during the 1950 Los Angeles Transit Lines strike.

Pacific Electric Trains #5128 a so called "Hollywood Trolley" and #436 affectionately called a "Blimp" at Amoco in the 1950s.

Pacific Electric Bus #2712 - This is one of the many buses that displaced rail on the entire Northern District of Los Angeles in 1950-51.

LINK: Photos are from the Dorothy Peyton Gray Transportation Library and Archive at the LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.


Major Pepperidge said...

I love the idea of trolleys... maybe its true that they wouldn't have been truly practical in today's Los Angeles, but something tells me they would have been useful!

210Frwy said...

For those interested in California trolleys, you ought to get out to the Orange Empire Railway Museum. You can actually ride many of these classic trolleys. Check out their web site. I’ve found that they run more trolleys on special event days. It's lots o' fun!

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Major: there are many cities in the country that still use trolleys. It works for them and I believe it would work for LA.

210Frwy: Your right, it is a great place. I was there about a month ago. I have been going there on a regular basis for almost 40 years now. How time flies when your having fun. :-)