Monday, April 27, 2009

LA Rapid Transit - The Systems

Electric trolleys first traveled in Los Angeles in 1887. Through the decades that followed, different Rapid Transit Systems would be in use, covering a wide area of Southern California.

Rolling stock would include cable cars, trolleys, streetcars and buses. The Pasadena and Pacific Railway would boost their Southern California tourism business by living up to its motto "from the mountains to the sea."

Los Angeles Pacific Cable Railway, 1890's - Photo from the short period of time that Los Angeles had cable car rail transit, approximately 1880-1890.

Asbury Rapid Transit System. New buses at Pasadena city hall, 1935. On August 3, 1954, Metropolitan Coach Lines acquired control of the ARTS for $150,000.

Los Angeles Railway (1895-1945) P line PCC streetcar is southbound on Broadway at 6th Street 1938. Also known as the Yellow Cars of Los Angeles.

LATL 8 Lines southbound on Main at 6th Streets. Los Angeles Transit Lines (1945-1958), sucessor to Los Angeles Railway (1894-1945), acquired by Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (1951-1964) in 1958.

Streetcar On Hollywood Blvd. and Highland Avenue headed for Subway Terminal. At right is the long gone Hollywood Hotel and down the street (left) is Graumnan's Chinese Theater, 1954.

Crosstown Suburban Lines staff members in Ford Transit, customized by Crown Coach, 1950's. The transit company served South and Southwest Los Angeles.

Tomorrow Part 2: The Pacific Electric Railway.

LINK: Photos are from the Dorothy Peyton Gray Transportation Library and Archive at the LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

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