Thursday, April 16, 2009

Reed Family: Knotts Berry Farm

We continue with a family named Reed traveling in a 1958 Ford station wagon and Sportcraft camping trailer on their 1960 vacation destinations. (All pictures used with permission of Leon Reed)

  • "I've traveled since I was young. My parents used to take a long vacation every summer in our trailer, and by the time I was 14, I had been in all 48 (lower) states. A few years ago, my dad gave me his extensive slide collection from the 50s and 60s. My dad was (is) an outstanding photographer and, fortunately, he used Kodachrome. Almost all of the photos were taken by my dad -- though my mom, who actually worked as a professional photo finisher, was no slouch either." ~ Leon Reed.

    Cars with fins, parking lot at Knott's Berry Farm.

    California Street Railroad Cable Car.

    Original Knott's fruit stand, Knott's Berry Farm.

    Ghost Town Main Street, 1960.

    Wagon Camp with entertainers.

    1881 Bird Cage Theatre, Knott's Berry Farm.

    Chiana said...

    Hi viewliner Ltd. I'm a regular at Gorillas and enjoy a peek over time to time. Wanted to be sure to tell you I think it's a neat blog here.

    And thanks to Leon Reed too for sharing his pics. :)

    Major Pepperidge said...

    Super fantastic stuff! The parking lot photo is so great, as is the nice shot of the original berry stand and the Bird Cage Theater.

    Davelandweb said...

    That shot of the parking lot with the row of retro fins is just classic! And those have to be some of the best vintage Knotts shots I have seen.

    Keith said...

    These are again very awesome. I am very thankful to Leon Reed for these photos. I love them.

    Viewliner Ltd. said...

    Leon's family took some truly great pictures. More great pics to come Friday and Saturday.

    Thanks for stopping by guys and I appreciate the compliment Chiana.

    Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

    I want to be in the Reed family! They went to such great places! Thanks for sharing this series with us, the Knott's set is mind boggling; Parking lot Fin-o-rama, the best shot EVER of the Cablecar, super shot of the berry stand, Ghost town sweetness, amazing shot of the wagon camp and a nice Birdcage Theater pic, did I saw WOW?

    Major Pepperidge said...

    By the way, that photo of the Berry Stand makes me think of a cup of ice-cold boysenberry punch on a hot day, there was nothing better!

    Randy Kraft said...

    Built in 1912 in the Cal Cable shops, O'Farrell, Jones and Hyde street cable car 49 transported Knott's visitors from 1955 to 1979 using battery power (originally a bottom grip).

    It was sold back to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency and served until it was scrapped after an accident on August 20, 1990.

    outsidetheberm said...

    Great stuff, Viewliner! Enjoyed all of it - Disneyland, Knott's and fairs. Thank you.