Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's National Train Day

Today is the 2nd Annual National Train Day. Ride the train and see "AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL".

Union Pacific EMD E9 ~ Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal ~ Los Angeles, California, March 1971 ~ Union Pacific #932 has arrived with the "City of Los Angeles" at LAUPT while on an adjacent track, ATSF #39C is ready to leave with a "San Diegan". (Photo: Drew Jacksich)

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe EMD F7 ~ ATSF Depot ~ San Diego, California, March 1973 ~ Ready to leave San Diego for LA, an Amtrak San Diegan sports mostly Santa Fe equipment, the Amtrak lettered combine the only outward indication that this is no longer a Santa Fe train. An REA Express (formerly Railway Express Agency) Truck sits in the left background, something else that has now vanished from the railroad landscape. (Photo: Drew Jacksich)

Southern Pacific Railroad EMD FP7 ~ College Park ~ San Jose, California, February 1966 ~ SP #6462 was originally a Cotton Belt unit and painted in Daylight colors. It came West when the Cotton Belt ended passenger service. As it was not equipped with dynamic brakes, it spent most of its time in commute service. At this time it only had one headlight, later it would gain a door mounted light. (Photo: Drew Jacksich)

Union Pacific EMD E9 ~ ..) » Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal ~ Los Angeles, California, March 1971 ~ #912 pulling out of Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal in March of 1971, less than two months before the coming of Amtrak would bring and end to the UP streamliner. (Photo: Drew Jacksich)

Western Pacific EMD F3 ~ East of the Altamont townsite ~ Altamont, California, February 1970 ~ Still earning their keep on the Western Pacific's portion of the California Zephyr, 803A and two F3B units are Eastbound just East of the townsite of Altamont. The track below is the now removed, Southern Pacific line over Altamont. (Photo: Drew Jacksich)

Southern Pacific Railroad ~ SP Daylight Observation Car ~ Walong ~ Tehachapi Loop, California, April 1971 ~ One of my personal favorites of all the slides I have shot. SP's San Joaquin Daylight as it passed over the Loop in April of 1971. But who was that girl? Her face and wave have stuck in my mind for years. (Photo: Drew Jacksich)

LINK: To see more of Drew Jacksich's great railroad photography, visit The Informational Web Site For Amtrak GCA Engineers.


Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, those are some beautiful photos, especially that last one.

Welcome back!!

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Thanks Major, glad to be back! Yeah, Drew has some absolutely awesome railroad pics. I agree, the last one is great.

Anonymous said...

Drew's shots are great, that last one is a classic.