Monday, June 8, 2009

LAX Celebrities

Actress Marlene Dietrich exiting airplane in Los Angeles, California after entertaining troops during World War II (Publication: Los Angeles Daily News - Publication date: August 8, 1946)

Stewardess presents Actress Sophia Loren with basket of California grapefruit as she and her husband, Producer Carlo Ponti, center, arrive from Copenhagen. On hand to greet pair was Producer Marcello Girosi. Miss Loren will film a comedy here with Actor Anthony Quinn. (Publication: Los Angeles Times - Publication date: January 21, 1958)

Actress Marilyn Monroe is accompanied by her husband, playwright Arthur Miller, as she arrives at International Airport from New York to start work on a 20th Century-Fox picture. (Publication: Los Angeles Times - Publication date: November 4, 1959)

Members of the Dave Clark Five, newest British singing idols for teenagers, are chilled by gale at Los Angeles International Airport where officials decoyed hundreds of admirers out of their way. From left: Mike Smith, Dave Clark, Dennis Payton, Lenny Davidson and Rick Huxley. (Publication: Los Angeles Times - Publication date: November 16, 1964)

Bob Hope and actress Jill St. John perch on jet engine before taking off from Los Angeles International Airport on flight to Southeast Asia for 13th annual two-week Christmas tour of U.S. military bases. Others making the trip are, from left, Pat Shelly, with elephant, Anita Bryant, Jerry Colona, Janice Paige, Ann Sydney, Miss World of 1964, and Anna Maria Alberghetti. (Publication: Los Angeles Times - Publication date: December 16, 1964)

LINK: Photos from the UCLA Library Archive


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

These are great (and local)! Nice shot of Marilyn & A. Miller, never seen that one before!

Also, Bob Hope and Jill St. John on that Jet engine is classic!!! THANKS!

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Your welcome Tim. And thanks for all the info on computers you gave me, during my outage.