Saturday, August 20, 2011

LAX Revisited

Aerial view of Los Angeles Municipal Airport on Army Day, circa 1931 - Publication: Los Angeles Times - 1931.

The New Theme Building at Los Angeles International Airport, 1961. The newly expanded airport will be in full operation by May 1. A restaurant, 75 ft. above ground in this building, is scheduled to open next Saturday. Above the restaurant is an observation deck - Publication: Los Angeles Times - January 8, 1961.

Esther F. Hall and granddaughter Erika watching 747 jumbo jetliner, on route to LAX, fly over their home in Los Angeles - Publication: Los Angeles Times - September 27, 1973.

Men and women flight attendants during their training in Los Angeles. The airlines are hiring stewards now, as well as stewardesses. These trainees are about to practice emergency evacuations - Publication: Los Angeles Times - December 11, 1972.

Five flight attendants modeling mod inspired and culturally influenced uniforms. Airlines are getting away from traditional stewardess uniforms as these girls attest: Jeanne Kendall, 21, American, Mary Anne Touhy, 22, Western, Junko Kawai, Japan, Sherron Goldizen, 22, Continental, and Bonnie Campbell, 20, American - Publication: Los Angeles Times - March 22, 1967.

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Anonymous said...

The homes at the end of the LAX runway were removed long ago. You can still see the streets immediately after takeoff. For a while you could continue to park there and watch planes take off but it is now fenced.