Friday, June 12, 2009

Washington D.C. - 1920's

The Crandall Theater at 9th & E. Streets N.W. featuring the Typhoon Fan Company Cooling System - Makes this the coolest theatre south of the North Pole.

Buffalo Paints Hardware store featuring Victor Talking Machines at Nichols Avenue and U Streets S.E.

George W. Parezo & Company. Purveyor's of automobile supplies, electrical fixtures, electrical toys, Edison lamps, house wiring and wireless internet. Next door is F.L. Leishear's Indian Motorcycle store.

LINK: Photos from the National Photo Company Collection (Library of Congress)


Debbie V. said...

Are you thinking what I'm thinking about that first photo? It reminds me of.....Main Street Disneyland!
These are all so breathtaking. There really WAS a world like this back then. And we gave it up for? I'd hate to see what is there now...May I can Google it?

Debbie V. said...
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Debbie V. said...

You CAN Google it and see what it looks like now. Use the Street View... The link was too long to post (hence my deleted previous comment).
Man I wish they'd hurry up and invent that time machine.