Thursday, July 30, 2009

Smell The Noise

The following train pictures are all from Viewliner Limited contributors. Thanks to all of them for making this blog more interesting and informative. Jim, John, George, Kevin, Drew and Ray, all is appreciate guys. I wish you all the best, Richard.

Union Pacific Steam 4-8-4 ~ Hermosa, Wyoming, 1968 ~ UP 8444 special blasting westward out of Hermosa Tunnels. (Photo Credit: Jim Hinkhouse on RailPictures.Net)

New York Central Steam 4-8-4 ~ Crestline, Ohio, May 29, 1954 ~ A profile of Niagara #6014 during a midday station stop at Crestline. (Photo Credit: John Dziobko at GodfatherRails.Com)

Norfolk & Western Steam 2-6-6-4 ~ Manassas, Virginia, September 28, 1991 ~ # 1218 Departing the yard to power an excursion west from Manassas. (Photo Credit: George W. Hamlin Transportation website)

Chessie System Steam 4-8-4 ~ Sawyer, Michigan, July 31, 1977 ~ Former Reading T1 2101 wearing Chessie colors, leads the "Chessie Steam Special" eastbound near Sawyer, Michigan. The special train barnstormed the Chessie railroads for two years, in celebration of B&O's 150th birthday. (Photo Credit Kevin Piper on RailPictures.Net)

Union Pacific Steam 4-8-4 ~ Along the Truckee West of Boca, California, April 17, 2009 ~ UP 844 Along the Truckee on the bank opposite from Interstate 80. (Photo Credit: Drew Jacksich at

Milwaukee Road Steam 4-8-4 ~ Saint Paul, Minnesota, October 05, 2003 ~ The Buick is only 4 years younger than 261 and makes a classy chasing vehicle. (Photo Credit: Ray Peacock at HeartlandRails.Com)


Major Pepperidge said...

I especially love that third photo, and the last one is neat too - nice pistachio green Buick!

Ray said...

the guy in the Buick was cruisin and pulled up before the steam train came. I asked him if it'd be OK to position his car to include it in the shot and the railroad policewoman OK'd it. There was quite a crowd there waiting and the police were concerned about trespassers.