Monday, August 31, 2009

So-Cal Postcards 1950's

Villa Marina Restaurant - Balboa Island, California - The finest yacht harbor in the west is the spacious land locked bay of Balboa. Around the bay one may eat the best food and look out over the blue sail dotted bay where once Yankee smugglers hid out.

Victor Hugos Restaurant - Laguna Beach, California - One of the many walks that wind through the park at Victor Hugos. Along the border flowers bloom and one may look out over the blue Pacific Ocean or to the rocks below wher seals may be seen playing in the cool clear water.

Oceanside, California - Located north of San Diego on Highway 101. This residential town, beach resort and a trading area for inland farms. Nearby is found a Marine Base and training grounds. Five miles north of Oceanside is Mission San Luis Rey founded in 1789.

Editor: Every once in a while you find some very cool postcards. These are truly awesome. If anyone is interested in purchasing these cards, I have a few extra sets available for $9.00, postage paid.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Love the Oceanside view... I wonder if the photo was taken on a sleepy sunday morning, or was the town always that sleepy!