Monday, August 24, 2009

Washington DC 1960

Many of you will remember the posts I did in April of this year of a family named Reed traveling in their 1958 Ford station wagon and Sportcraft camping trailer. If you would like to re-visit these posts, I have listed all the links below.

The following group of pictures are from a vacation trip the Reed family took to Washington, D.C. in 1960. (All pictures used with permission of Leon Reed).

There used to be a trailer park right in East Potomac Park, next to the Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument. It got bulldozed in the early 60s to make way for a new span of the 14th St. Bridge. (Photo: Walter Reed)

Capitol dome under re-construction. (Photo: Walter Reed)

The Navy Temp buildings were still there when this shot was taken (and for another 10 years or so) -- the Hirschhorn Art Museum and Air and Space occupy that spot now. Note the old green-white-orange DC Transit bus and the streets still crossing the middle of the Mall. (Photo: Walter Reed)

Note the Museum of American History under construction (left), no East Wing of the National Gallery (upper left), the Capitol Dome under reconstruction, roads and cars along the middle of the Mall, and Navy Temp buildings where the Hirschhorn and Air and Space Museums currently are located. (Photo: Walter Reed)

National Airport didn't amount to much back then. I'd guess that little cluster of trees hugging the river just beyond the 14th St. bridge might be the old NPS trailer park we stayed at a few times. Photographed from the top of the Washington Monument. (Photo: Walter Reed)

To see many more great pictures from the Reed family, visit lreed7649's photostream on Flickr.

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Major Pepperidge said...

I didn't visit DC until many years after these photos, but they still remind me of my excitement seeing all those wonderful monuments and museums!

Bob Witt said...

wow wow wow
I goggled the the term "dc summer 1960 camping", hoping to find a place my family camped in 1960. There it was, I remember seeing the Jefferson from my tent. As a 4 year old then, no ones believed that was possibly 49 years later I could find a picture of the place. Thanks for your effort and I just spent 2 hours just looking at a few section. Being from Cleveland and moving to Miami fl a few years ago, I felt like I took these. We seemed to be in all those places
bob witt