Monday, October 5, 2009

WWII Propaganda Posters

In the first blush of patriotism, soldiers march off to certain victory. And many of them believe that victory will come soon. Unfortunately, most wars are bloody ordeals that seem never ending.

During WWII, propaganda posters often showing Purple Heart heroics, were designed to convince battle weary warriors that victory is just around the bend. This sort of propaganda art worked very well.

The M-1 Does MY Talking!

Keep These Hands Off! Buy the New Victory Bonds.

I'll Give 'em HELL! You Give Me the Stuff!

Build and Fight in the Navy Seabees.

He Can't Fix Guns in the Air! Build 'Em Right!.


Major Pepperidge said...

I love these old propaganda posters... there used to be a store in Hollywood that had LOTS of original examples for sale. Some were affordable, some very expensive, but it was amazing to flip through them. I eventually did buy one though!

Keith said...

I really love these. I've always been a big fan of propaganda posters. It's neat to see what was used for the war effort.