Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Trip West

John Dziobko, Jr. was born in Newark, N.J., in 1932, as a young boy John was facinated by the trains his father would take him to see. He took his first black and white photos in July 1948. That September he took his first color photos, and by July 1950 John was shooting his first Kodachrome slides.

For the next 59 years continuing to this day, John has traveled the globe in search of vanishing steam locomotives and their colorful replacements. He hopes you enjoy seeing some of his work here. You will see why at slideshows his friends refer to him as "The Godfather".

Southern Pacific Railroad Alco PA-1 - 3rd & Townsend - San Francisco, California, September, 1957 - A flurry of activity greets John on his first trip west.

Western Pacific EMD F3 - Terminal trackage - Oakland, California, September, 1957 - John arrived in time to snap off a frame of this WP inbound train.

Los Angeles Railway Yellowcar - San Pedro Street - Los Angeles, California, September, 1957 - Afternoon rush on the S Line as seen from San Pedro looking north at the El Rey. Yellow cars and Red Cars of the Pacific Electric shared San Pedro street.

LA Streetcar - San Pedro Street - Los Angeles, California, September, 1957 - Bus vs. Red Line in this afternoon rush scene on the S Line as viewed from San Pedro looking north at the El Rey. We all know who won this war.

LINK: To see more great railroading photos visit The Photography of John Dziobko at GodfatherRails.com

LINK: And thanks goes out to Ray Peacock for the text above. Visit his train site at HeartlandRails.com


Luray va accommodations said...

Great shots!!!I love the history and it is really great memory.
I think the first photo is actually in the west end of the city.

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Major Pepperidge said...

LOVE the shots from San Pedro Street!

Ray Peacock, Webmaster said...

As additional info: John made stops in places like Chicago, Cheyenne, Ogden, Oakland/SF, L.A., Portland, and back home to N.J. for a two-week vacation, Sept. 1957 His total rail-fare? $187
See additional photos taken at those locations from that two-weeks posted at his web site GodfatherRails.com