Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Since the New York Jets defeated the San Diego Chargers on Sunday (17-14), it gives us a good reason to celebrate their win with a look back at the 1968 AFL Championship Game (NY Jets vs Oakland Raiders) held on December 29, 1968 at Shea Stadium, New York City, New York.

These slides were taken by the Uncle of "Charlotte Eats" blogger, Patrick. This was a time in football history that would change the game forever. Enjoy these fantastic slides, and thanks again Patrick! Check out Patrick's blog here - it will make you hungry.

The Jets would reach the pinnacle of their existence and provide the moment that would indicate the AFL's coming of age. Under Joe Namath's guidance, the Jets rose to the top of the AFL, defeating the Oakland Raiders in a thrilling AFL championship game, 27-23.

The win qualified them to represent their league in a game that was being referred to for the first time as the Super Bowl (and referred to retroactively as Super Bowl III). They were pitted against the champions of the NFL, the Baltimore Colts.

At the time, the AFL was considered to be inferior to the NFL, and most people considered the Jets to be considerable underdogs and treated the Jets as such. That would change three nights before the game while Namath was being honored by the Miami Touchdown Club as its Player Of The Year.

Namath took exception to a heckling Colts fan and used that moment to lament the lack of respect his team had gotten to that point. He then said "The Jets will win Sunday. I guarantee you." His audacious remark proved correct, as the Jets created one of the greatest upsets in football history by defeating the Colts 16–7. This victory showed that the AFL was capable of competing with the NFL.

And to finish of the post, here is a great photo of "Broadway" Joe during the New York Jets - Denver Broncos game in 1973.

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These are classic! What a wonderful find. I'm a huge AFL fan.