Saturday, February 27, 2010

Celebrity Homes

Here are some more very cool 1930's and 40's Movie Star Homes postcards from my collection. And a link to my original post of Movie Star Homes postcards.

~ Mary and Doug at home "Pickfair", Beverly Hills ~

~ Residence of Ginger Rogers, Beverly Hills ~

~ Home of Bud Abbott, Encino, California ~
~ Home of Lou Costello, North Hollywood ~

~ Dolores Del Rio at home in Hollywood ~

Home of Shirley Temple, "The Darling of the Movies" - This postcard does not picture Shirley because it is actually an advertising postcard for a cleaners (see picture of the back of card below).

I suppose you advertised this way so that you didn't have to pay any money to Shirley Temple for the use of her likeness, but still got to use her name.


Major Pepperidge said...

Strange to see the pool in Lou Costello's yard... didn't his young son drown in it?

Heidi Ann said...

Of all of those, I would like to live either at Pickfair, or Dolores Del Rio's home, please.
Thank you.

Viewliner Ltd. said...

OK Heidi, Pickfair it is. You can move in tomorrow. LOL! What a house.

WOW, I didn't know that Major. What a bummer.