Thursday, February 4, 2010

Great Postcards

I am a sucker for great postcards. Especially when the subject
is transportation or fairs and expositions.
Here are some real fine examples from my collection. ENJOY!

The 1939 Golden Gate Exposition - The Union Pacific Railroad operates a fleet of fine, fast, air conditioned trains between San Francisco and Chicago, including the Streamliner "City of San Francisco," the Streamlined "Forty Niner'" and the "Treasure Island Special," also the "Overland Limited," "Pacific Limited" and famous "Challengers."

The Bowery, one of the most noted thoroughfares in New York City, runs in a northeasterly direction through the most congested district of the famous East side. It practically begins at the Brooklyn Bridge under the name of Park Row and ends at Cooper Square. (circa 1910s)

The word "Potlatch" is from the Chinook Jargon, the trade language of the North Pacific Coast Indians. It means a gift or to give. Seattle's Golden Potlatch will be a great festival in celebration of the gift of gold by Alaska to the world through this City, the gateway of the Northern Empire.

12,000 Employees of the Ford Motor Company, Detroit, Michigan. The largest number of employees ever grouped before the camera. (circa 1910s)

Greater Galveston Causeway - Commenced September 21, 1909, to be completed June 1st, 1911. Cost $1,500,000.00. It is Three Quarters of a mile from right hand of Photo to shore End of Causeway. Lift Bridge is in center of Causeway. The Galveston Texas Wharves Railway will operate here.


Andrew said...

Great postcards! In the Ford postcard, which one's Henry?!

SundayNight said...

That Union Pacific streamline modern designed exibit is fantastic!

Major Pepperidge said...

My cousins used to have "potlatch parties", where they would exchange old stuff that they didn't want. It was silly and fun; my dad participated and got a giant cigarette lighter that I still covet!

Viewliner Ltd. said...

I had never heard of the Potlatch Festival until I got this card. It is very cool. Don't let go of that lighter Major. It is worth much more to you than what it was intended for.

Andrew: see the third set of windows from the left, Henry is standing to the right of the guy in the middle.

Sundaynight: It is an awesome display. I saw it once in an old movie about railroad marketing.

Thanks for all the comments guys. Much appreciated, Richard.