Sunday, February 21, 2010

RCA Victor Stars

Here are some great 1940's promotional postcards from the Radio Corp of America, RCA Victor Division, Camden, New Jersey. The text comes from the back of the postcards with links for more information about the Artists on Wikipedia. ENJOY!

Vaughn Monroe, the singing maestro. First celebrated as Wisconsin State champion trumpet player, directed church choir in Cudahy, Wisconsin, enrolled at Carnegie Tech. Jack Marshard retired from bandleading and convinced Vaughn to take over. Played Boston and Miami society jobs, awarded radio contracts, hotel and theatre billings, his Victor waxings on best-seller lists.

Freddy Martin, the talk of the country for putting longhair music in three quarter time. Played sax in high school, enrolled at Ohio State, toured with band in England. Started his own band in Brooklyn hotel, garnered radio sponsors and a Victor recording contract. Crashed Hollywood, voted most popular dance ork on West Coast.

David Rose, talented composer, arranger, conductor of popular music. Born in London, studied piano at Chicago's College of Music, NBC Staff ork. Roy Shields arranger pianist, original compositions premiered by Chicago Symphony, arranged for Hollywood's singing stars, one of youngest musical directors ever appointed a West Coast network. Debuted on Victor label with unusual, sparkling originals, "Holiday for Strings" and "Our Waltz", now a national favorite.

Tommy Dorsey, that Sentimental Gentleman. Remarkable record as one of the nation's favorite dance bands year in 'n' year out, constantly on call for big budget musicals, countless commercial air shots. Draws capacity crowds at theatres and hotels, traffic jams wherever he goes. In the early days of swing, had stints with almost every important musical organization in the country. His Victor discings of today's top tunes get "rave" notices.


Major Pepperidge said...

I know I'm sounding like a broken record, but the quality of those illustrations is just great. Really nice portraits!

Paul Duca said...

In the 50's, Vaughn Monroe was also the commercial spokesman for RCA radios and televisions.