Saturday, April 3, 2010

Scenic Grandeur

In 1943 the Southern Pacific Railroad commissioned, National Color Press of San Francisco, to produce a portfolio of prints titled "Scenic Grandeur of the West." It was available for 75 cents and stated that they were suitable for framing. Here are 6 of the prints from the portfolio.

The Wawona "Tunnel Tree"
Mariposa Grove, Yosemite National Park

Daylight Limited, San Francisco and Los Angeles

Union Station, Los Angeles

Oil wells near Santa Barbara

Streamliner City of San Francisco, Crossing Salt Lake

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco


Major Pepperidge said...

When I was a kid I did a report about the giant redwood trees; not long after I was very happy to get to go through one of the "drive through" trees (I think there have been several over the years)...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, thanks!


Honeymoon bed breakfast said...

Nice historical post and thanks for sharing.
Especially “The Wawona Tunnel Tree” looks totally amazing and tree trunk is too wide
And I have wondered that what the reason was there to draw the road out of a tree.

Best Regards,

Davelandweb said...

Even though the colors may not be accurate, there's something nostalgic that I really love about these hand-tinted postcards.