Monday, June 21, 2010

D.C. Transit 1962

The following group of Washington D.C. streetcar photos were taken by John Dziobko (aka; The Godfather of Rails) in March of 1962. To see more fantastic vintage railroad pics please visit John's website "GodFatherRails.Com" - Thank you John!

D.C. Transit PCC #766 Special - Transit cars looked clean and appealing right to the very end in 1962. Nearly 60 years later, streetcars have made a return in the nation's Capital. There appears to be another car in the distance down the road. Hopefully that person with the two-tone on the right has power steering to assist getting out of that parking space without clipping that Lincoln.

D.C. Transit PCC #1512 - Union Station - Now here's a way to get to the train. And, like the Staten Island Ferry, it'll only set you back a quarter. Thanks to John Bromley for location ID assistance.

D.C. Transit PCC #1171 - 40 Lincoln Park - Indiana Ave at 1st St. NW - A street corner scene in the nation's Capital at the height of cold-war tensions. The streetcars were soon gone. Almost 50 years later they are back.

D.C. Transit PCC - U.S. Capitol Building - Late in the District of Columbia Transit streetcar era.

Thanks to Ray Peacock for supplying the information that accompanies the photos. Please visit Ray's website "HeartlandRails.Com" - Thank you Ray!

And please visit "RailPictures.Net" for the best railroad photos on the NET!

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Major Pepperidge said...

This is great, I have one slide of a streetcar that looks just like that first one, and based on some of the other slides in the lot, was thinking it might be from the DC area. Now I know that it is!